Safety in Buenos Aires

How safe is Buenos Aires? Is Buenos Aires dangerous?

Here we will give you some tips to start the summer to be safe in BA…

As a big city, in south america you have to be aware, while going arround and special attention in the subways, where pickpockets do really well…

While walking in the city and in subways you will see people with backpacks in their front, and that is a way to keep them out.

Main suggestions:

– Always ask if its safe where you will be moving arround, spcecially at night. ex: la boca is not that safe out of Caminito area.

– When you take a taxi, ask the driver to turn the taximeter ON, and try to pay with small notes. The ONLY fixed price IN PESOS will be the fare to/from the airport, not from the port.

– DO NOT EXCHANGE money in the streets. Will you do it at home? Then avoid doing it in here, too good to be true.

– DONT use jewlery in Buenos Aires, especially watches. One of the most usual ways of robbery is gust luxury watches and neckless.

– Avoid close contact with strangers that approach you  offerering help to wipe off stains of a liquid previously squirted on you. This is use to distract while they pick your pockets.

-Dont leave your purse unattended at any time in bars or restaurants, just have them on your lap.

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Tango in Buenos Aires

Since you are in Buenos Aires (the Tango Capital) is a must do some Tango. This are two different options.

Or you can go to a traditional Tango Show, there are lots and very good ones, but the best tango show in Buenos Aires is La Esquina Carlos Gardel

Good News! If you book trough us, we get a 10% discount on the tango show, or dinner tango show!!!!! Just contact us at

The Milongas are the night clubs for tango dancers, so you can go there just to watch real people dancing tango, or to dance the tango! I won´t recommend you to try to dance if you don´t really know how in there, they will NOT smile to you 🙂
There are many Milongas (Tango night clubs) but we will recommend, the cool (C) and the traditional (T), depending on wich night;

Monday  Tango:

El Afronte (C & T), 571 Peru St. San Telmo. Starts 10, 30 PM.

Tuesday TANGO:

La Catedral (C), 4006 Sarmiento st. Abasto.  Starts at midnight

Buenos Ayres Club (Tango Queer) 571 Perú st, San Telmo. Starts at 9.30 pm

Wednesday TANGO:

Maldita Milonga (C),  571 Perú st, San Telmo. Starts at 10.30 pm

La Marsharll (tango queer, tango gay) 444 Maipu st (1st flor) downtown. Starts at 10 pm

El beso (T), 416 Riobamba st 1st floor. Starts at 10,30

Thursday TANGO:

Niño Bien tango0 (C), 1462 Humberto primo st (1st floor). San Telmo. Starts at 10.30pm

La viruta tango (C), 1366 Armenia st, Palermo. Starts at 11 pm.

Club Gricel (T), 1180 La Rioja st. Starts 10,30 pm.

Friday TANGO

Salon Canning (T), 1331 Scalabrini Ortiz ave. Palermo, starts at 12 pm.

Villa Malcom (C), 5064 Cordoba Ave. Starts @ 10,30 pm.

Saturday TANGO:

La viruta tango (C), 1366 Armenia st, Palermo. Starts at 12 pm.

Confiteria La ideal (T), 384 Suipacha st, downtown. Starts at 10 pm.

TANGO in the Street in Buenos Aires

La Glorieta (T), on the square at 11 de septiembre st, bet Sucre st and Echevarrria St, Saturdays and Sundays from 6,30 to 11 pm you will have this authentic tango in the streets! (btw in a square 🙂 )

El indio milonga (T), Plaza dorrego (yes on the square, open skys!!). Once the San Telmo fair its done, at 7.30 you will find this beautiful milonga. San Telmo´s milonga.

Tango in the afternoon/evenings in Buenos Aires

Confiteria La Ideal (T), 384 Suipacha st, downtown. Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun from 3 pm to 8,30 pm

El Arranque (T), 1759 Bartolome Mitre st, San Nicolas. Mon, Tues, Thurs and Sat from 3pm to 10 pm.

Enjoy the best Buenos Aires Tango in Buenos Aires!!!!

– – The best walking tours in Buenos Aires!

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Fake Bills in Argentina

How to spot a fake bill in Argentina?

I need to start this post letting you know that “CASH IS KING” in Argentina. Unfortunately we have an informal economy, lots of people work “under the table”, and that is why there are a lot of cash going around.

Due to the inflation process that Argentina has, many people was trying to do their savings in dollars but lately the government imposed some restrictions so the citizens can not get much dollars, neither in ATMs. That is why, there are two different exchange rates, the official and the unofficial, and there is a third one at the airport, the worst one ever!!! You can get from a 40% difference in between both of them, so your trip could be cheaper if you bring cash!!!

Once said that, as you can imagine there is lots of cash going around, and also there some fake bills! How to spot them? I will give you quick tips:

  • Before you hold a note up to have the light show through it, you will see a vertical line of silver-like dashes. On the bad fakes, the dashes are clearly painted on. Notice how when you hold the bill up to the light, the dashed line turns to a solid black line and it has writing on it. It should have the denomination of the actual bill on it, but it’s tiny and a bit hard to read.
  • Raise the bill up to the light and an exact watermark reflection of the face showed on the note should be clearly seen on the left hand side too. In the right base of the water mark should be initials. If not, it could be a fake.
  • The note have a series of (between 1 to 4) small, blue diamonds. When rubbed against a piece of paper, a little ink should leak from these diamonds. The same will happened with the shiny number next to the diamonds. If not, it may well be a fake.
  • Tilt the note backwards and forwards underneath a light and the denomination written in the corner should change from a green to a blue. If it stays the same colour, then it might be a fake.

This could be check in 100 or 50 pesos notes! Finally: we won’t recommend to exchange money in the street!

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Boca Juniors 2012-13 season

Futbol in Argentina can be crazy, the atmosphere is insane and unique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can take you to the stadium to live this experience, worldwide unique. Do you think that Yankees vs Red Sox is crazy? or the Raiders fans?? You haven´t seen Boca´s crowd yet…

Join us to watch a soccer match , where the main attraction is not in the field, but in the crowd. There you will see how the Argentinian people enjoy a soccer match, the atmosphere and the madness!!

This tour includes the transfer in and out the stadium, the ticket, and a guide that will stay with you the whole match!

Here you have the schedule for BOCA JUNIORS, then for other games please ask by email. Keep in mind that this is Argentina, so the times for the games are confirmed in the same week of the game, and also those games that not involve Boca Jrs will be confirmed the same week, depending on wich game is more intresting to watch…

This tour involves a fee, for more information contact us at

Concurrent                                                  Date                                     League

Quilmes  02.10.13  Local Championship
 Tolucas (Mexico)  02.13.13  South American Cup
 Barcelona (Ecuador)  02.27.13  South American Cup
 Union  03.03.13  Local Championship
 Nacional (Uruguay)  03.07.13  South American Cup
 Argentinos Jrs  03.17.13  Local Championship
Lanus 04.07.13 Local Championship
Belgrano 04.21.13 Local Championship
 RiBer (DERBY) 05.05.13  Local Championship
Colon 05.19.13 Local Championship
Velez Sarfield 05.29.13 Local Championship
Arsenal 06.16.13 Local Championship

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Buenos Aires Free Tour's Blog

The Colon Theatre is definitely one of THE places in town, a must for every visitor and local people.

The Colon Theatre - Buenos Aires
Here some tips, there are two options:

Tour in the Colon Theatre: this could be in Spanish or in English   During the weekends the Spanish ones are really busy, you can take your tickets there at the ticket office in 1171 Tucuman st at the theatre Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm.  In general if you did not buy tickets in advance, the best thing to do to find tickets last minutes is to show up for the first morning tour, the current price for this tour is Ar $ 110.

Or you can buy your tickets on line
here under the spanish “Visitas Guiadas”.

Second option, and the one I prefer, is to go to a Concert in The Colon Theatre

Again the same, you can also buy your tickets by person at the ticket office or you can…

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The POLO season has started in Argentina!

POLO Season 2012

To begin this year, the polo season in Buenos Aires Argentina starts with a few FREE matches!

October 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 9th there will be 2 matches per day, at 1 PM and 3 PM (if its not raining) and they will for free! At the Campo Argentino de Palermo. To get there by subway line D, bus 130 or cab.

Where is it? I add the map!

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Tango Festival 2012 in Buenos Aires

The Tango Festival is going on!

This are the activities of the Tango Festival and World championship 2012 in Buenos Aires that you can just show up without tickets, two are the palces that are easy to go:

“CENTRO DE EXPOSICIONES” – Recoleta area, located in Figueroa Alcorta Av accross Pueyrredon Av.

Friday 17th, Saturday 18th, Sunday 19th and Monday 20th from 7pm on concerts, milongas and lessons

On Tuesday 2pm the Tango world championship qualifications starts

“USINA DEL ARTE” – La Boca – 501  Pedro de  Mendoza Av

Big Milongas going on the 17th, 18th, 19th and the 25th from 7 pm 


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